Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Me and Bobby McBeck!

So there is definitely something good happening in Texas. Despite a 13 hour drive from sunny, arid Colorado, I found myself at a hotel at 2 in the morning getting into a bed that felt like someone had just put a fire out on it. (that would be in reference to the humidity in Texas) But the Masterclass was great and Bobby had some great examples of what he was talking about. Learning about something in theory is a lot different than seeing examples of gesture and body language.

Everyone down there was really great and I got to meet some amazing animators from DNA, ReelFX, Sony, and of course, Animation Mentor. I have to say a big "Thank You" to Tom and Vince from Short Guys for taking us out with the speakers and showing us a good time. It was really great to learn that these guys are just normal people (as normal as animators get)... maybe just a little shorter. Thanks to "y'all" and maybe we can make this an annual thing. Now I've really got to get back to work because seeing all these amazing animators has made me sick to my stomach and I'm excited to get there myself.


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