Thursday, July 21, 2005

My doctor told me I have VTS!!!

All kidding aside, I just finished watching my first VTS from Keith Lango. Wow! I know that I'm going to an animation school and all that, but Keith has this really great way of making the concepts he is talking about very clear and concise. If you haven't checked them out, you should. And then you should do what I did and build a moat around your house and barricade yourself inside your own animation fortress so you can experiment with all of the great stuff that he had to say. (My neighbors in the condo really didn't like the moat, but what can you do, huh?)

But seriously, as I'm wallowing in the mire of shading networks and light-linking (and to be honest, really not learning anything that I plan on using once I'm done with school) it's really great to just chill for a little bit and listen to someone talk about, well, ANIMATION, for crying out loud.

On another quick note, I know I've promised some animation soon and that will happen, but I ran into a rigging problem with the character I'm doing (oh no, not a rigging problem, those never happen) and was set back a ways. But on the upside, he works now and I'm getting my tush in push gear. So once again, soon.


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