Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Not the final resting place.

This is not where these files will ultimately rest, but until then, you can see what I've been working on. You can't download them yet, but one of my teachers has been kind enough to host them so that will be possible soon. I'm pretty happy with the outcome, but y'all (that's for the Texans) tell me what you think. Hamish McKenzie is the one responsible for the zooCST plug-in I mentioned yesterday, and he deserves more credit than my little blog can give, but the least I can do is mention that this a great tool and I hope that he will forgive me for grazing over it yesterday.


Click here to watch 'Dudley Side View'

Click here to watch 'Dudley Front View'

ps. Sorry about the wait time on these little guys. It'll be more efficient when you can download them.


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