Saturday, November 12, 2005

Flex the Muscle

This was a fun exercise in one of my classes last year. The assignment was (hopefully) to exaggerate the muscles and the pose. This was to help get a sense of drawing from the model and not copying the model. I like drawing like this. It's really liberating and helped me push some of my other drawings (and consequently my animation poses) to be more expressive. Here's a comparison of what came from drawing like this.

ps. I finally got the stupid titles to work so that the archiving looks nicer!! Yay tutorials for idiots.



At 4:13 PM, Blogger Schulz'y said...

Great assignment. I've recently been taught something very similar and verrrry helpful. Basically it was you shouldn't exactly 'copy' what you see when drawing from live models unless your going for some sort of realistic drawing, but instead you should analyse the pose and push it more so that it tells a story when someone looks at it (even if your stretching the truth a little), making it a more powerful drawing in terms of animation and storytelling. Very similar to this assignment and what you mentioned. I like the first drawing a lot. Wurd.

At 10:22 AM, Blogger Drew said...

thanks man, the glen vilpuu book is also a great resource on learning how to think about the model properly. plus it's just fun to exaggerate things. i've got some other distorted sketches that i'll probably post in the next week or so. i'm busy re-cutting my demo reel, so it's been a little crazy 'round here.



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