Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Dialogue Test and a Render. Oooo!

I've had some time off from school and so I've been able to work on my film a lot more. Also thanks to Kevan Shorey for some great input on the film. You've given me more to go on than a lot of my classes at school have, man.

I also am working on a couple of acting tests at the moment. One is just about ready to get out of linear (yes Keith, I'm still calling it animation and I'm not "just blocking," but that's the phase of animation I'm in.) Until then, here's a quick preview. Crits are more than welcome and I appreciate any input for that matter. I love Dustin Hoffman and his attitude in this clip is so cocky that I couldn't resist.

Yes, that is a Waffle House sign in the background and yes, it does have two letters burnt out. I don't think I've ever seen one that wasn't like that. If you've never been there, imagine a Denny's entirely peopled with extras from Deliverence.

Stay tuned for updates and progress on the film.

Dustin Hoffman Line



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